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for irenic_spirit

One for each of us.

Happy Mother's Day.

Love Clark, Zoe and Baby

You Are a Strawberry-Banana Flavored Kiss

You are a sweet and soft kisser who doesn't ever like to kiss and tell. You are a bit reserved.

For you, kissing is something extremely private. In fact, just taking this quiz probably makes you blush!

You try not to over think kissing. It's different with every person, and you just go with your intuition.

Kissing means a lot to you, and you do take it pretty seriously. You wouldn't kiss just anyone.

Mar. 23rd, 2010

You Are a Noun

You are very concerned with the material world and what is actual.

Facts interest you, and it's likely that you keep up with the latest news.

You do well with ideas and concepts you can actually see. You are a very visual person.

You are the type who knows every person and place in town. You're very well informed.

Happy Birthday Equinox Special Day to the awesomest wife ever.

I love you, Ren.
Mourning is selfish. Clark knows this. He’s been through it enough times to know that when something is lost it doesn’t care. Sometimes, they never did to begin with, as abstract as those things can be. And if they’re people, well, then they’re usually dead and the dead don’t mourn. The dead don’t grieve. A relationship doesn’t know it’s broken beyond repair, that a love that once was can never be again.

But is it pity? Clark doesn’t think so. For the people left behind mourning may be selfish, but it’s necessary. It’s part of the healing process, he’s come to accept, and in those cases, well, you have to be a little selfish. Because if you’re not, you’ll go crazy. You’ll end up losing yourself and more often than not, that’s worse than losing whatever it was you lost to begin with.

So Clark allows himself to mourn the things and people he’s had to let go of over the years, to grieve for anything and everything that was important to him that he no longer has, or never had to begin with. It helps. Eventually.

But in doing so, you also have to take stock of what you still have, appreciate what’s still around you. Especially the people who are there to help with your grief. Dwelling isn’t good for anyone, no matter what it is that was lost. Another lesson he’s had to learn the hard way. At least he’s learned it.

Mourn. Grieve. Accept. Move on. But never forget.

Mar. 8th, 2010

You Are Wendy's

There's something old school and quaint about you. You appreciate quality and like doing things the right way.

You are down to earth and practical. You want a meal that's filling and tasty... nothing more.

It's likely that your taste and habits haven't changed much over the years. Why mess with what's working?

You are calm and easily satisfied. You find a lot to be happy with in life, and you are truly content.

You Are Fear

You may not feel afraid, but the emotions you express are those driven by fear.

This doesn't mean you're a wimp, but it does mean that you have a well honed sense of survival.

It's possible that you overreact to danger without realizing it. You worry easily.

Try to stop yourself whenever you feel dread, panic, or anxiety. Those are just ways of feeling fear.

You Are a Teacher

You are a compassionate, caring person. You want to help people as much as you can - both in and out of work.

You are infinitely patient and empathetic. You find it easy to get along with everyone.

You feel like you've been pretty blessed in your life, and you're ready to give back. You want to make a difference in someone else's life.

Teaching may not be the most rewarding or glamorous profession, but you don't care. As long as you feel accomplished at the end of the day, you're happy.

just_1_word 43.4 Cold

Clark has never felt the cold. Not really, anyway. Heat, yes, as he was powerless for almost a whole summer a few years ago and he finally got to experience what it was like to really feel the sun beating down on your face. And to sweat, which wasn't the most fun thing ever, but at the time, he couldn't have cared less, so long as he was 'normal'.

But the cold, not so much. Which is really kind of odd considering he's spent so much time in the arctic. Occasionally, he wonders what it feels like, but most of the time it's something he doesn't even think to think about. It's just the way he's always been.

Occasionally, he wonders if what he felt while his father kept him captive in the Fortress for a month was cold, or if that was just numb anger. Clark doubts he'll be asking anytime soon, not will he be requesting a chance to find out what cold really is from his father. They may have reached a sort of understanding, but trust is still a long ways off.

For the time being, Clark is simply going to be thankful he doesn't have to deal with temperature extremes – on either end of the scale. It's a distraction he's never been aware of and given all the other ones he's had to learn to deal with? He can handle life without ever knowing.